Misty Mountain Pass
Photo credit - Phil Deeker

CCC 2020


Places are now on sale. All “FINAL CHANCE” routes will include many new roads and climbs making each event a truly ‘one-off’ version of these confirmed CCC classics.

Corsica: (FINAL CHANCE to ride this route) 7 - 17 June

Start and Finish in BASTIA.

Possibly the closest a Cent Cols Challenge gets to a “holiday” : two nights in each hotel (every other stage is a loop ride) ; fewer double-digit climbs; regular sea-views and beach-located hotels. But beware : there are very few flat kilometres on this Island of Beauty. Roads are often remote and in need of some repair. ‘Free range’ domestic animals share our roads frequently. The “Pirate” emblem of Corsica is so appropriate : this wonderful island oozes free spirit and one cannot leave untouched by the raw intensity of the landscape and indeed of the islanders themselves. For a real sense of adventure on the most remote and challenging roads in Corsica, this route is unbeatable. ! I will be sad to ride this one for the final time.

STAGE STATS: 1: 194km.3800m, 2: 188km.4100m, 3: 192km.4300m, 4: 199km.3800m, 5 : 160km.3200m, 6 : 180km. 3500m, 7 : 188km. 3800m, 8 : 150km. 3450m, 9 : 206km.3170m, 10 : 158km. 2450m.

Southern Alps: (FINAL CHANCE to ride this route) 21 June - 2 July

Start and Finish in Carros, NICE.

A Real CCC Classic route, taking riders from the backwaters of Nice, through the Verdon gorges to ‘Lavender Provence’ and the Triple Ascent of Ventoux stage. From here we head back east across the southern tip of the Drome to Gap and the High Alps, to take on iconic climbs such as the Cols of Allos, Cayolle, Bonette, Sampeyre, Agnel, Turini, and more…

STAGE STATS: 1: 188km.3900m, 2: 199km.4680m, 3: 185km.4100m, 4: 210km.3880m, 5 : 201km.5700m, 6 : 199km. 3500m, 7 : 204km. 4800m, 8 : 190km. 5020m, 9 : 184km.4670m, 10 : 187km. 4550m.

Piemonte: “A” 10 - 20 July / “B” 30 August - 10 September

Start and Finish in San Pellegrino Terme

Due to such a keen response to the announcement of this new destination, this event is now running twice in 2020.


A new CCC destination in a region where cycling and religion seem to be inextricably linked : from Lombardy to Cuneo, this route is composed of dozens of “Sanctuary Climbs” : steep, narrow climbs to villages perched on hill ridges above which a saintly shrine gives cause for some of the most challenging and surprisingly well-maintained roads one could hope to find anywhere. From the best roads of the Tour of Lombardy ( including the Ghisallo and the Sormano) across to the Piemonte region via the Italian and Swiss lakes, down to three nights in Cuneo via Ivrea and Pinerolo. Mid-event Classic climbs like the Lombarde, Dei Morti, Sampeyre, Agnel, Izoard, Finestre ( all climbed in the opposite direction to that used in CCC S. Alps) add a truly mountainous flavour to this event. But then it's back to what Piemonte does best : more steep ‘n narrow, twisting wooded climbs on our sinuous way back to the Lago di Como. The Passo San Marco creates the perfect dramatic finale for this wonderful new “CCC Baby”!


STAGE STATS: 1: 184km.5100m, 2: 196km.4800m, 3: 192km.3200m, 4: 204km.4300m, 5 : 218km.5700m, 6 : 202km. 5100m, 7 : 187km. 5600m, 8 : 219km. 4700m, 9 : 185km.3800m, 10 : 178km. 4130m.

East Pyrenees: (FINAL CHANCE to ride this route) 15 - 25 September

Start and Finish in Girona

This route explores the warmer and dryer side of the Pyrenees, from the Girona hills to a specific stage dedicated to the climbs of Andorra, then on into the heart of the High Pyrenees. Three nights mid-event spent in Bagneres de Luchon include a NEW (loop) STAGE built around the exceptional climb up to the mountain lakes of Cap de Long, Aubert and Orédon. Having climbed many of the most beautiful Pyrenees climbs such as Port de Bales, Portillon, Agnes, Pailheres, and Superbagneres, the route explores the Arriege region before returning to Girona via a stunning coastal excursion through the Banyuls vineyards. Overall an extremely varied ride through some of the most beautifully challenging and remote parts of the Spanish and French Pyrenees.

STAGE STATS: 1: 210km.3000m, 2: 190km.4600m, 3: 205km.4600m, 4: 187km.5300m, 5 : 175km.4800m, 6 : 209km. 5600m, 7 : 210km. 5400m, 8 : 190km. 4500m, 9 : 184km.4400m, 10 : 190km. 4650m.

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