Full stage details to be announced on 6th August. Sales to open on Monday 9th August


20 - 27 April ( This event is now SOLD OUT.) 2022

A completely new-look series of tough rides on the best roads of the Belgian Ardennes, including two ride-to-the-race stages to watch both the Fleche Wallonne and Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

  • Start and Finish: Amonines ( Fly to Brussels or Liege). All rides start & finish from our base hotel.
  • Ride-to-Watch : Flèche Wallonne, Liege-Bastogne-Liege
  • Ride ++ versions of FW and LBL : +/- 250kms with 5000m of UP. All the climbs and more.
  • Explore : Luxembourg, the “roof” of Belgium ( Eiffel, Haute Fagnes), and the best roads around La Roche on Ardenne**.**
  • Eight days of tough riding : Three " Packs" - “A” for all 8 days; “B” for the first 5 days, “C” for the final 3 days.
  • Difficulty level: 4**** ( Many tough but steady climbs; overall good road surfaces; often quite hot at this time of the year


23 May to 2 June. This event is now SOLD OUT. 2022

This new route will take you through the Haut Pilat, the Vercors, the Drome, the Vaucluse ( ascents of the Mont Ventoux from both the Bedoin and Malaucene sides, on separate stages), the Monts d’Ardeche, the National Park of the Cevennes and the Lozerre. A true CCC Journey.

  • Start and Finish: Chasse-s-Rhone (Lyon)
  • Total distance: 1,900 kms
  • Total climbing: 38,250 m
  • Stage average: 190kms / 3,800m
  • Difficulty level: 3*** ( Less gradient than usual over 10% ; mainly steady climbs; rough road surface at times.)

Southern Alps

7 to 17 June. This event is now Sold Out. But you can add your name to the Waiting List via the "Book Now" link. 2022

A CCC favourite now, this route offers a heady mix of the best of romantic Provence and the dramatic Hautes Alpes Maritime.

A Ventoux Triple stage; the Gorges du Verdon; the Col de la Bonnette ( highest road in France); the wonderful Allos/Champs/Cayolle ‘loop’. Warning : places for this event will fly off the shelf.

  • Start and Finish: Carros (Nice)
  • Total distance: 1,977 kms
  • Total climbing: 45,510 m
  • Stage average: 197kms / 4,550m
  • Difficulty level: 4**** ( Many tough but steady climbs; overall good road surfaces; often quite hot at this time of the year.


20 to 30 June 2022

The Lombardy and Piemonte regions are home to some of the most dramatic, steepest, and iconic climbs to be found anywhere. This route explores the best of Lombardy as it weaves its way around the Italian Lakes.

This route explore many remote roads offering some of the best views of the lakes to be found anywhere. Constant lake views, two ferry crossings, and some VERY tough climbs combine to offer a truly unforgettable Italian experience. The trip also includes two very special nights in one of the most reputed hotels of Bellagio, renowned for its exceptional terrace views across the Lago di Como.

  • Start and Finish: San Pellegrino Terme
  • Total distance: 1700kms
  • Total climbing: 47,500m
  • Stage average: 170km / 4,750m
  • Difficulty level: 5***** ( Many steep gradients, narrow roads, technical descents.)

CC6 Northern Alps

4 to 10 July 2022

A totally new concept for 2022. SIX full-on CCC stages with a Rest Day after stage three. A real ‘Bucket List’ ride with names such as the Croix de Fer, Alpe d’Huez, Madeleine, Cormet de Roseland, Semnoz, Sarenne, Croix Fry, Saisies, Arpettaz, and so on!

If you are not able to ride a full CCC, for whatever reason, this could be an option for you. These “CC6’s” will now feature on the CCC Calendar every year. Perhaps the perfect way to experience full CCC stages for the first time, without the daunting prospect of the full ten-stage versions.

  • Start and Finish: Sassenage ( Grenoble)
  • Total distance: 1,152 kms
  • Total climbing: 30,720 m
  • Stage average: 192 kms / 5,100m
  • Difficulty level: 4**** (Tough, long climbs; few sections over 14% gradient; good road surfaces.)

Classic Alps

29 August to 8 September 2022

A totally re-worked version of the very first CCC held in 2009. A typical CCC mix of ‘Names’ and the unknown ‘CCC-special’climbs pave our way from Nice up to Annecy and back.

The French Alps are full of ‘Monuments of Le Tour”; the scenery is amongst the most dramatic to be found anywhere. This route will leave you craving for more of what France does best!

  • Start and Finish: Carros ( Nice)
  • Total distance: 19,440 kms
  • Total climbing: 48,240 m
  • Stage average: 194 kms / 4,800 m
  • Difficulty level: 4**** (Tough, long climbs with steady gradients ; few over-14% gradients; good road surfaces.)

Classic Pyrenees

12 to 22 September 2022

In the same vein as the Classic Alps, this is a new version of the second CCC event first held back in 2010. The Pyrenees have often been the second revelation to riders once they have been blown away by the Alps.

Less drama, more atmosphere. Less recovery time, more steep climbs. There may not be more overall climbing than in the Alps,but the riding here is more technical. Be prepared to spend ten days on the bike in the company of cow-bells, cascading water, and beautiful silence. There is true magic to be found in the Pyrenees that will mark you forever.

  • Start and Finish: Rivesaltes ( Perpignan)
  • Total distance: 1,865kms
  • Total climbing: 47,620m
  • Stage average: 186kms / 4,760m
  • Difficulty level: 5**** (Tough, long climbs with changing gradients; more over-14% gradients; tough road surfaces at times.)

CC6 East Pyrenees

26 September to 2 October 2022

The second of the new “CC6’s” explores the Eastern part of the Pyrenees and Andorra.

The second of the new “CC6’s” explores the Eastern part of the Pyrenees and Andorra. There is a balanced mix of long steady open climbs on smooth Spanish tarmac and shorter, steeper, rougher climbs in the French part of this route. This could be the perfect ride either as a season-closer or as a ‘CCC-taster’ in view of plans for more of the same the year after!

  • Start and Finish: Girona, Spain
  • Total distance: 1,122kms
  • Total climbing: 25,460m
  • Stage average: 187kms / 4,240m
  • Difficulty level: 3*** (Long steady climbs on good tarmac; some steep, but short, climbs in France; overall good road surfaces.)