Final Recon hArdennes 2019

Checking out stage 7 with Walt. So good to ride together again. Main photo : nothing stops Walt, even when there is not only NO ROAD LEFT, but just a very big hole….. This stage will be somewhat “revised”. New climbs will have to be added. Luckily it will not take mr long to find others :))

Having said this, have a look here : VERY RARE SIGHT - HE IS WALKING !!!

OK, this was our ONLY way round another road bridge that was no longer there. Just gone. And not yet back. This two metres of bridge spotted in the woods saved us a 15 km detour on our 190km day out!

Here he is again more in his element : 100% doing his Sagan thing :-

Or flying towards another sweeping decent that Luxembourg does so so so well :-

But as always, it’s not all about the bike : Looking Sideways :-

Then, with 1 km to go, anyone who missed this view, is seriously in a Cooked State :-

( Vianden Castle)

I just can’t wait for this Stage ( 7) on the 27th April. But need to do some route re-designing first……

Now roll on next Saturday for the start of hArdennes week 2019. Celebrating Ten Years of Hilly Belgian FUN !