hArdennes recon 3 : Fleche Wallonne race day

hArdennes Day 5 : over to Flèche Wallonne & back. 122kms, 1800m up. One more “summer” ride in February. One of those days when everything feels so RIGHT on the bike.

Walt & I started out together from my place and once through the morning chills in the shadowed valleys, were loving the sun and the views :-

One of the reasons why we do these reckons is to give us an excuse to test “roads” that we hadn’t ridden before. The “Road / Not Road? " debate is a very interesting one. Some “roads” are really “not” anymore :-

Others don’t pretend to be roads and never have done, but in fact they are, kind of, ‘roads’, good enough for us to have fun on :-

Then there are others that are just so aesthetic, it doesn’t even matter if they have the odd pot-hole :-

And THEN, the best tarmac of the whole ride is in fact NOT a “road” at all : it’s a bike path, complete with very posh black stuff. A perfect treat for us after a quick café stop in Durbuy on our way back :-

The route this year is perfect for us, and gives us 5 hours at the race to enjoy the best 750m of road racing on the Pro Calendar!

Finally, you know what they say : “No Pain, No Cake!”