hArdennes Recon of Stage 7

Luxembourg is just quite exceptional for the quality of the tarmac, for the tranquility of the countryside and for the perfect flow of a day on the bike.

It was my first ride this season in Luxembourg, and boy was it good to be back. I have managed to find some nice new bits too for this year, as well as keeping in all the real favourites.

The people who live here seem to be very quiet, reserved and over-discreet, EXCEPT in their choice of paint !! There is an interesting mix of bright blues, purples, yellows and reds that certainly brighten villages up nicely, even though these houses remain an exception to the “Grey-is-Great” rule generally abided by! I just wonder whether the small minority who have the guts to do this are actually different personalities to the “G-i-G” lot ?!!

As part of an anti- “one-use"campaign, hArdennes riders will be able to purchase a specially-priced souvenir mug to use at their feed stops for their drinks all week. Recyclable is good ; no waste at all is better !

If the sun is shining, this spot, with a nice stream flowing right through the village, is where we’ll stop for a picnic lunch. We’ve got 250 hilly kms to do, so it won’t be a four-course fiesta!

One more recon to do….