hArdennes Recon 2 : Over to the Amstel

Spoilt once again by unusual warm, dry weather, Walt & I enjoyed every kilometre of our first 200km ride of the year, 50m short of 4000m of UP. I have reversed the route from last year, with a few minor changes too.

Walt says :

“Too much nice tarmac for them.”

“Lots of easy, steady climbs. Not enough steep stuff.”

“Better than last years' route”.

Those who know Walter will know that “better” is not necessarily good news for the rest of us.

We will have a home-made picnic at the foot of the Loorberg, waiting for the race to head up this climb in the big ring. (Which is NOT what I’m doing here!)

We will have a nice stop on the way back in Limbourg to admire the “road” waiting to be repaired :-

One of our favourite climbs comes near the end, as we wind our way up through the forest reserve wherein the source of the sparkling BRU water lies. (Below)

What does Belgium & Scotland have in common ? Apart from good alcohol, of course ! Hills, bad weather (usually) and hairy cows :-

Finally, if we get hungry towards the end, there is a nice cake-stop option for some well-deserved fuel :- (Tarte aux pommes : apple, cinnamon and raisins). It worked well for us!

This will be a long day, but it really is a beautiful ride.


Phil D.