2021 CCC events

Simple things to look forward to...They help!

Planning time on my hands = new CCC events

A short card from home, where I’ve been spending more time than ever in these ‘seasonal months’ : the first time in 12 years that I’ve watched the garden grow and enjoyed home life. Not bad at all, but I can hear the mountains calling from afar!

Some great new routes though to look forward to next year, if the virus stays under control for all of us.

It’s perhaps a good thing to have something we take for granted too easily taken away from us. As long as we can have it back next year :)

It’s the sharing of the High Riding I miss the most. I am so lucky to have met many many very special people over the CCC years. I feel such genuine gratitude for that.

The first CCC 2021 will be quite emotional for many of us there I think.

May tail winds take us there safely.

Phil D. ( U.P.)

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