1 – 11 September 2019

This event offers an experience of Italian « grandeur » that might be hard to beat. The scenery and roads are almost ‘operatic’ - oozing drama, romance, and almost tiringly high in emotion. Only three of the ten stages actually take place in the region of the Dolomites National Park , where the classic, iconic ‘monuments in rock’ provide an unforgetable centrepiece to our long journey.

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A never-ending stream of views, perfect road design, and a relentless double-digit gradient-fest where 10% is good news is our daily menu! From Lake Garda to Monte Zoncolan, via many roads-less-ridden, particularly in the Veronese region, this is a tough ride, especially for the knees - rarely will you find ten conscecutive days like these which each confirm why you are so addicted to cycling ! Viva La Vita. TAKE NOTE : THIS WILL BE THE FINAL EDITION OF THIS EVENT

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Riding a Cent Cols Challenge became increasingly about conquering mountains of the mind as much as of the road as the event progressed. That brought lessons I could take away and apply to all areas of life.
Chris Fischer, CCC Rider 2017, 2018

The Stages

Stage One

San Pellegrino Terme - Pieve di Ledro

186 KM / 4700 M

Main climbs:
Passo San Zeno, Passo di Crocedomini

A stunning opening stage, with a 26km climb after just 4km to open the show. The real feature of the day is the Passo Maniva, then a long descent to our lakeside hotel on the Lago di Ledro.

Stage Two

Pieve - Fiera di Primero

186 KM / 4700 M

Main climbs:
Passo Bordola, Passo di Compet, Passo Brocon

Arriving at Lake Garda via the old corniche ‘road’, we are treated to superb views before we head north-east for our climbs. The star of the day is the climb towards Vignola, our first of many narrow roads that hairpins through dense woodland. A real treat.

Stage Three

Fiera - Tolmezzo

200 KM / 5100 M

Main climbs:
Cerada, Passo Duran, Passo Cibiana, Mauria, di Bivio.

Passo Cerada is literally our wake up call today, signalling we have arrived in the heart of the Dolomites. The famous rock skylines set the tone for some dramatic rides to follow. The stage ends with a couple of nice, 'backroad' tough climbs.

Stage Four

Tolmezzo - Misurina

174 KM / 5350 M

Main climbs:
Avaglio, Zoncolan, Passo Ciampagiotto, San Antonio, Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Monte Zoncolan and Tre Cime book-end this epic stage. Neither will 'disappoint', despite their fearsome reputation. But the stage has many other unforgettable moments as our route winds through the National Park. A new hotel for this year on the Lago Misurina promises to make the perfect end to this big day out !

Stage Five

Misurina - Canazei

170 KM / 4870 M

Main climbs:
Tre Croce, Passo di Giau, Falzarego, Gardena, Sella, Fedaia

The Passo Giau, considered one of the most beautiful passes in Italy, is our opener but what follows will not disappoint. The Gardena and Sella passes can be enjoyed as examples of mountain perfection, and with the Pordoi form the Sella Ronde. The Fedaia (Marmolada) closes Part One of our journey with cruel beauty!


Stage Six

Canazei - Levico Terme

201 KM / 5180 M

Main climbs:
Passo Ochini, Rolle, Lavaze, Passo Manghen

After a rest day in Canazei, in a hotel with full spa facilities, we travel away from the mineral heart of the Dolomites but nonetheless have to face some severe climbs. Towards the end of this stage the Passo Manghen steals the show, with a climb to match any other in the whole route

Stage Seven

Levico - Castelvecchio

170 KM / 4800 M

Main climbs:
Passo di Valbona, Vezzana, Campogrosso, Muchione.

This is one of the most remote stages, with steep roads carved into the mountainside and wooded climbs on narrow, deserted roads. It also has the only uphill finish; a steep climb to the tiny village of Castelvecchio, baptised ‘Little Zoncolan' by previous CCC riders!

Stage Eight

Castelvecchio - Ponte Arche

205 KM / 5570 M

Main climbs:
Passo Santa Barbara, Fittanze, Del Creer, Branchetto, Ballino.

From the Veronese hills to the Lessini National Park, this stage takes us from woodland to barren, windswept highlands and back into the mountains. It contains two of the longest climbs (24km and 26km) as well as the two most dramatic descents of the whole event.

Stage Nine

Ponte Arche - Tovo

190 KM / 5700 M

Main climbs:
Passo di Gavia, Mortirola, Tonale, Campiglio.

More superb classic climbs – the Madonna di Campiglio, Tonale, Gavia and Mortirola make up a pretty impressive “bucket list” ride for anyone! This is as mighty as it can get. There is a ‘Plan B’ if weather is against us for this dramatic stage.

Stage Ten

Tovo - San Pellegrino Terme

176 KM / 4300 M

Main climbs:
Mortirolo, Passo Vivione, Presolana, Ganda

The toughest side of the Mortirolo opens the stage. After following a superb ridge road to Aprica, we descend to tackle one of the most beautiful climbs of the event; the Passo Vivione. Which leaves the Presolana, with it’s successive 14% ramps, and the Passo di Ganda before our final superb descent back into San Pellegrino Terme.