20 to 30 June ( On 30 April places left : 2 in single-room; 2 in twin-room.)

The Lombardy and Piemonte regions are home to some of the most dramatic, steepest, and iconic climbs to be found anywhere. This route explores the best of Lombardy as it weaves its way around the Italian Lakes.

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This route explore many remote roads offering some of the best views of the lakes to be found anywhere. Constant lake views, two ferry crossings, and some VERY tough climbs combine to offer a truly unforgettable Italian experience. The trip also includes two very special nights in one of the most reputed hotels of Bellagio, renowned for its exceptional terrace views across the Lago di Como.
  • Start and Finish: San Pellegrino Terme
  • Total distance: 1700kms
  • Total climbing: 47,500m
  • Stage average: 170km / 4,750m
  • Difficulty level: 5***** ( Many steep gradients, narrow roads, technical descents.)
Please email Phil for any questions.

The Stages

Stage 1

San Pellegrino Terme to Pieve di Ledro

174kms / 4470m

Main climbs:
Zambla, Sebino, Croce Domini, Ampola

Upwards from the start with a 15km climb: the tone is set for the rest of the journey. After a characteristically challenging 'urban climb' above the Lago Iseo, we then tackle the mighty Croce Domini Pass. This is an impressive opening stage!

Stage 2

Pieve di Ledro to Castelvecchio

178kms / 5520m

Main climbs:
Santa Barbara, San Valentino, Sege di Ala, Marana

One of the three toughest stages of the event, this stage comprises essentially of two long, steady climbs, followed by two shorter, MUCH steeper ones. From the Lake Garda into the Lessini National Park and the heart of the Veronese hills, a wonderful area to ride in that is seldom talked about.

Stage 3

Castelvecchio to Garda

177kms / 4650m

Main climbs:
Cero Veronese, San Zeno, Punte Velena

More Veronese hill-magic before we tackle the toughest 'mini-loop' of the event, plunging down to the shores of Lake Garda to meet the harsh slopes of the concrete climb up to Punte Velena. There is an option to miss out this demon wall ( 9km in all, with 4km at 18% average!) and go straight to our hotel!

Stage 4

Garda to San Pellegrino Terme

192kms / 4660m

Main climbs:
Lodrino, San Fermo, Gallo

After our first ferry crossing of the event we traverse more remote, (steep), hills before we climb the impressive San Fermo by it's less hard, steadier side. More lake views as we wind our way back to our start/finish hotel for the first of three nights there, mid-event, which takes some stress out of the journey.

Stage 5

San Pellegrino Terme loop

190kms / 4200m

Main climbs:
San Marco, San Pietro

This loop stage features the highest road pass of the area, with glorious views at the top. The San Marco can be a daunting place if the weather turns, but still beautiful at any time.Our route then heads for the shores of Lake Como before we turn up and away to find more narrow, twisting roads which never seem to feature any flat sections!

Rest Day

San Pellegrino Terme

Our third night at this lovely hotel. This town buzzes with energy and everything best-Italian every day ( and night!)

Stage 6

San Pellegrino Terme to Tirano

167kms / 5230m

Main climbs:
Crocetta, Presolana, Vivione, Flett, Trivignio

The stats may not show it, but this is a truly tough stage. Three long, steady climbs ( including the so-beautiful Vivione Pass) are followed by two super-steeps. The final climb from Dervio to Trivignio includes several passages of 25% gradient.

Stage 7

Tirano to Tartano

175kms / 5850m

Main climbs:
Mortirolo, Santa Christina, Tartano

The third of the "ultra-stages" of this event. This one is action-packed throughout with many steep passages spread across each of the climbs. But it also has so much of the Italian magic that you can hope to find in this area. The summit finish is pretty special too.

Stage 8

Tartano to Bellagio

166kms / 4310m

Main climbs:
Caspano, Breccia, Agueglio

Back to outstanding lake views as we head for Lake Como again. This will be a welcome shorter and less challenging stage, ending with a short ferry crossing to our very special Bellagio hotel, where we stay for two unforgettable nights.

Stage 9

Bellagio loop

140kms / 4360m

Main climbs:
Ghisallo, Muro di Sormano, Cavigliò, Vivere, Barni

This loop stage may look short, but there is a LOT more of the steep stuff here. As well as the famous Mur di Sormano, we take on the Civiglio climb that is also a main feature of the Il Lombardia race. In fact we go even higher, to Brunate. This stage is packed with outstanding views , but the best is kept to the last, at the top of the Barni climb...

Stage 10

Bellagio to San Pellegrino Terme

163kms / 4130m

Main climbs:
Colma diel Piano, San Miro, Valcava

After a gentle start along the Lake Como shore, we climb the long, tough road up to the Sormano Mur ( Colma di Piano). From there we swing round Leccio and head over the hills to find another of the major Il Lombardia race climbs : the Valcava. After this, just a few (not unforgettable) climbs separate us from our finish line.