Lombardy 21

5-15 July 2021

Ride all ten stages, or stages 1-5, or stages 6-10. Rest day is at our start/finish hotel

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A Special Edition one-off CCC held in a region that has been particularly badly affected by the CV19 crisis. The journey includes some of the best roads of the Lombardy region, but opens and closes with some familiar ‘CCC Dolomites roads’ from the Trentino and Veneto regions.

With its ‘figure of eight’ design, this event provides a logistically simple option to ride either FIVE or all TEN stages. Part One heads EAST and includes some roads familiar to CCC Dolomites riders. Part two heads WEST, and includes a double-night stay in a very special hotel near Bellagio, with panoramic views over Lake Como. Some classics climbs such as Mortirolo and Vivione round off this unique journey. Limited places will be on sale in July 2020.

The Stages

Stage 1

San Pellegrino Terme to Pieve di Ledro

197kms / 4900m

Main climbs:
Zambla, Zeno, Maniva, Croce Domini

This is the route of original opening stage of the CCC Dolomites. It includes 9 kms of gravel road above 2000m up to the wonderfully wild Croce Domini.

Stage 2

Pieve di Ledro to Castelvecchio

171kms / 5300m

Main climbs:
Santa Barbara, San Valentino, Fittanze, Gioche

After a familiar opening for CCC riders, we tackle the most feared descent on CCC Dolomites, this time going UP! The Veneto feast of views and dramatic climbs has started!

Stage 3

Castelvecchio to Garda

191 kms / 4900m

Main climbs:
Santa Barbara, San Valentino, Fittanze,Gioche.

Heading towards Lake Garda, we explore a new approach to the mighty Passo Branchetto. We then follow new roads deep into the Lessina National Park which eventually lead us down ( and up) to Lake Garda and our lakeside hotel.

Stage 4

Garda to San Pellegrino Terme

212 kms / 4800m

Main climbs:
San Rocco, Cavalino dell Fobbia, Tre Termini, Gallo

This particularly tough stage begins with a ferry crossing so that we gain time to enjoy as many of the Lombardy giants as possible before returning to our start hotel.

Stage 5

San Pellegrino Terme loop

189 kms / 5000m

Main climbs:
San Marco, San Pietro.

This stage is all about the Giant of Lombardy : the mighty Passo di San Marco. The shores of Lake Como provide a brief respite before we head back over the hills to end Part One of our journey.

Rest Day

San Pellegrino Terme

Our start/finish/rest day hotel is in the centre of the buzzing town which bottles the globally renowned sparkling water : San Pellegrino (Terme) !

Stage 6

San Pellegrino Terme to Bellagio

175kms / 3900m

Main climbs:
Monte di Nese, Valcava

Exploring the back roads of Bergamo to Part Two. Then over the very special Passo Valcava, we are in the heart of Giro di Lombardia country here for the rest of the stage.

Stage 7

Bellagio Loop

148kms / 4200m

Main climbs:
Madonna di Bellagio, Mur di Sornano, Civiglio

The shorter distance of this stage betrays perhaps the severity of this stage : we will climb the infamous Mur di Sornano TWICE. We will also enjoy TWO nights at a very special hotel jus above Bellagio, with panoramic views over Lake Como.

Stage 8

Bellagio to Sondrio

189 kms / 5160m

Main climbs:
Agueglio, Pagmona,Preti Gaggio

Another stage which will start with a ferry crossing, this time across Lake Como. It will land us at the foot of some impressive climbs on the east flank of this wonderful lake. Heading north we arrive in the Adda valley for some more 'new' climbs.

Stage 9

Sondrio to Tovo

158 kms / 5900m

Main climbs:
Santa Christina, Trivigno, Mortirolo

This stage explores the impressive massif which runs between the town of Aprica and the Mortirolo summit. We take in several rarely ridden climbs before we take on the Mortirolo from its 'easier' southern side from the town of Monno.

Stage 10

Tovo to San Pellegrino Terme

165 kms / 4900m

Main climbs:
Mortirolo, Vivione, Presolana, Zambla

A re-make of the final stage of CCC Dolomites. Mortirolo after breakfast; Presolana after lunch; ice cream and beer at Hotel Bigio to celebrate for tea. Almost sounds like a holiday....