23 May to 2 June. This event is now SOLD OUT.

This new route will take you through the Haut Pilat, the Vercors, the Drome, the Vaucluse ( ascents of the Mont Ventoux from both the Bedoin and Malaucene sides, on separate stages), the Monts d’Ardeche, the National Park of the Cevennes and the Lozerre. A true CCC Journey.

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Ridden in June 2021, with a huge approval rating, this ride will take you through the following ‘massifs’:

The National park of the Haut Pilat ; the Vercors; the Drome; the Vaucluse ( ascents of the Mont Ventoux from both the Bedoin and Malaucene sides, on separate stages) ; the Monts d’Ardeche; the National Park of the Cevennes; and the Lozerre/ Haute Loire.

Start and Finish: Chasse-s-Rhone ( Lyon)

Total distance: 1,903 kms

Total climbing: 38,250m

Stage average: 190kms / 3,820m

Difficulty level: 3*** ( Less gradient than usual over 10% ; mainly steady climbs; rough road surface at times.)

The Stages

Stage 1

Chasse-s-Rhone to Tournon-s-Rhone

207kms / 3900m

Main climbs:
Croix de Chaubouret

A gentle intro via some gorgeously quiet roads through the Parc National du Haut Pilat.

Stage 2

Tournon-s-Rhone to Villard de Lans

150kms / 3800m

Main climbs:
Pré Coquet, Romeyere, Herbouilly

After a flattish start we climb up into the Massif du Vercors and the feast of gorges, dense forest and rocky sky-scapes begins.

Stage 3

Villard-de-Lans to Crest

192kms / 4080m

Main climbs:
Pra l'Etang, Machine, Rousset

Some classic climbs here in this Vercors Part Two stage. Stunning panoramas and thrilling descents.

Stage 4

Crest to Malaucene

179kms / 3280m

Main climbs:
Chaudiere, Serre, Croix Rouge, Propriac, Perponcher, Fontaube,

Heading south through the barren but beautiful Drome region towards the Great Bald One of Provence. Many shorter climbs including some through the Vaucluse vineyards and olive orchards.

Stage 5

Malaucene to Orange

185kms / 4,040m

Main climbs:
Mont Ventoux DOUBLE! ( North side, through the Gorges de la Nesque, then back up from Bedoin), Suzette

To wrap up our first half, a real treat : over the great Mont Ventoux TWICE. First time from the Malaucene side. Through Sault and down through the impressive Gorges de la Nesque, then back up the Mighty One from Bedoin. From there we have a bumpy ride along quiet roads taking us into the historic town of Orange. Hard to beat!

Rest Day

Orange, with it's Roman amphitheatre and other historic sites.

Stage 6

Orange to Alès

192kms / 2730m

Main climbs:
Corniche des Cevennes, Brousses, Soulages

A wonderfully contrasting stage to introduce you to the challenging charm of the Ardeche region. Tight gorges, dense chestnut forest, steep, narrow climbs followed by vast expansive panoramic views. This stage truly sets the tone for the very different second half of this journey.

Stage 7

Alès to Mende

191kms / 4500m

Main climbs:
Ugles, Sapet, Exil, Finiels, Croix Neuve ( "Jalabert Wall")

Now we head into Cevennes region with it's open landscape and infinite views. Finishes with the infamous Tour de France "Wall" in Mende. A tough but exhilarating stage.

Stage 8

Mende to Privas

200kms / 3880m

Main climbs:
Meyrand, Fayolle, Croix Ste André

Described by some on our 'reconnaissance' in 2021 as " the best CCC stage ever", this cross-Cevennes stage never stops impressing us by the beauty of the landscape and the intrigue of roads that never let you know where exactly you are heading for!

Stage 9

Privas to St Bonnet le Froid

186kms / 3750m

Main climbs:
Mezilhac, Croix de Boutière, Scie, Tracol

Our final stage exploring the "Monts d'Ardeche" and the Cevennes National Park. More dramatic panoramic ridges affording huge views.So quiet, so remote.

Stage 10

St Bonnet le Froid to Chasse-s-Rhone

168kms / 2830m

Main climbs:
Croix de Chaubouret, Doizieux, Planil, Grenouze

Back into the Haut Pilat for another tranquil forest stage before we lunge down into the famous Rhone vineyards for a couple of final "tail-sting" climbs before our journey draws to a regretted close.