Southern Alps

7 to 17 June. This event is now Sold Out. But you can add your name to the Waiting List via the "Book Now" link.

A CCC favourite now, this route offers a heady mix of the best of romantic Provence and the dramatic Hautes Alpes Maritime.

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The Stages

Stage 1

Carros Loop

204KM / 3950M

Main climbs:
Vence, Pimpinier, Bleine, Ecre

A perfect intro stage to the magic of the Southern Alps with iconic climbs such as the cols of Vence and Bleine combined with some lesser-ridden roads, packed with gorges, corniche roads, and panoramas towards both the Mediterranean and the Mountains. Quality tarmac and no steep passages should make this stage a real leg-loosener for the nervous CCC peloton

Stage 2

Carros to Castellane

196KM / 4580M

Main climbs:
Vé Gauthier, Rourebel, Valberg, Buis, Sainte Barnabe

After some more of the better back roads of the Maritime Alps, we take on the first mountain summit in the ski station of Valberg. The descent through the purple Gorges de Dalius is a star feature of this stage, as is the cheeky Col du Buis, ( only four kms, but very 'memorable' ones!). Remains a steady climb up above the Lac du Verdon which affords superb views of the turquoise waters as well as the best descent of the event so far, into the very charming tourist town of Castellane.

Stage 3

Castellane to Sisteron

197KM / 3900M

Main climbs:
Abauc, Chateauneuf, Corobin, Hyssope

A truly spectacular stage opening with a passage through the marvellous Gorges du Verdon and concluding with the fascinating "Route du Temps" through the geological National Park above Sisteron. Some steep passages and some very remote areas mark this transition stage between the Var and the Vaucluse.

Stage 4

Sisteron to Malaucene

210KM / 3860M

Main climbs:
La Lure, Negron, Muze, Perty, Ey, Aulan, Aires

The "Ventoux's Little Brother" ( Montagne de la Lure) opens this stage with a 22km classic rise to the satellite masts. From here we cross due west towards Ventoux Country, via the impressive Cols du Negron and Perty. With scary views up to the Mighty Ventoux, we weave our way through Mediterranean oak woods and olive orchards towards our base in Malaucene for three nights.

Stage 5

Malaucene loop : V,V,Ventoux

198KM / 5600M

Main climbs:
Suzette, Mont Ventoux-N, Mont Ventoux-E, Mont Ventoux-S

The stand-out stage of this event, of course : a triple ascent of the Mont Ventoux with the gorges de la Nesque and some other considerable 'bumps' adding to the fun. This circular route pays tribute to the "Giant of Provence" by tackling it first from Malaucene, then from Sault and finally from the classic Bedoin side. A big day out which will be unforgettable, hopefully for good reasons! (In case of a 'weather window' between bad-weather days, we will ride this stage AFTER our rest day.)

Stage 6

Malaucene to Gap

204KM / 4220M

Main climbs:
Soubeyrand, Reychasset, Espreaux, Foureysasse

More of the impressive views towards the King of Provence and then on across the southern part of the Drome region towards the balcony roads that will take us down into Gap, our gateway to the High Alps. This is our transition stage back to the Alpes de Haute Provence and should offer riders something of an easier stage before taking on the Higher Roads of this event.

Stage 7

Gap to Barcelonette

204KM / 4730M

Main climbs:
Garcinets, Saint Jean, Allos, Champs, Cayolle

After a couple of 'warm-up' climbs out of Gap we hit the Ubaye valley, leaving the Lac de Serre Poncon behind on our left and heading towards the first of the Garnd Finale climbs of this event. An outstanding trilogy of three classic Alpine climbs ends this stage in an almost loop from and back to Barcelonette. The Allos is the most frequented of the three; the Champs the most remote, and the Cajole the most impressive ' and also the longest and toughest, and so naturally the one saved for the end! Alpine Classic can get no better !

Stage 8

Barcelonette to Guillestre

190KM / 5020M

Main climbs:
Bonette de Restefond, Lombarde, Larche, Vars

Another Classic Alpine stage first going over the highest paved road in Europe, then taking on the often-used Col de Lombarde in the Giro ( which takes us down temporarily into Italy). A long steady rise to the wide open Col de Larche brings us back into France where the toughest side of the Col de Vars awaits us to end another day with the Alpine Giants.

Stage 9

Guillestre to Cuneo

192KM / 5200M

Main climbs:
Agnel, Sampeyre, Essischie, Dei Morti

The Feast of Alpine Giants continues here with the magnificent Col d'Agnel bringing us back into Italy an dropping us to the foot of the narrow, wooded climb to the Colle di Sampeyre. This is merely a taster of the magic to follow on the Essischie/ Dei Morti climb, with the most impressive monument tribute to Il Pirata ( Marco Pantani) at it's summit. Perhaps the best descent of the event follows, before a quiet cycle route provides a relaxed run-in to Cuneo for a well earned pizza and gelato!

Stage 10

Cuneo to Carros

187KM / 4150M

Main climbs:
Tende, Braus, Bruis, Turini, Chateauneuf, Aspremont

A long steady haul up to the Colle di Tende is our way back into France, where we have to ride four kms of downhill gravel road as part of an unforgettable 64-hairpin descent! From here our day is far from done. The Bruas and Brouis are typical local favourite climbs but are then outshone by the imperial Col de Turini, which is often considered the most beautiful climb of this area. A couple of shorter, but steeper climbs are on our route back to Carros, where the magnitude of this epic journey will start to dawn on all CCC riders!