All the stages, listed.

EVENT 1: Piemonte
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 1Verona–Verona180kms / 4300mPasso FittanzeThe Veronese "hills" (north of Verona) in the Veneto region make a perfect place to start this journey. Less well known, full of surprises and some very tough climbs. The beautifully harsh Passo Fittanze, climbed from Avio, will be the undisputed centrepiece of this opening stage./images/DSC05953.jpgMountainsWhitetrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 2Verona–Iseo199kms / 3900mPasso del Piccon, Passo di San Rocco, Passo del Termine, Passo del Santellone, Passo dei Tre Termini,The journey starts it's crossing of the region of lakes and mountains so well known for defining the true beauty of Lombardy and Piemont. As well as some fabulous new climbs, this stage also includes a ferry crossing on Lake Garda./images/149.jpgRedtrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 3Iseo–Brogno (Bellagio)201kms / 4750mSan Fermo, Gallo, San Pietro, Ganda, Agueglio, BellagioInto the heart of Lombardy via some of the real classics of this region, ending the stage on the Bellagio climb after another ferry crossing (Lake Como)./images/DSC06027.jpgTransparenttrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 4Ghisallo - Varese204kms / 4700mMuro di Sormano, Plan del Tivano, Oratorio San Antonio,Alpe dei FioriThe Best of the Lombardia finale (to start this one!) before heading over (hills) to Lake Lugano for a couple of Swiss climbs before heading down (up) to Varese. Quite a menu!/images/DSC05958-1.jpgBluetrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 5Varese – Biella193kms / 4060mSan Antonio, Cucco, ColmaThe double-whammy finale of Passo's Cucco and Colma make this stage truly exceptional. (This is a new version of stage 3 of CCC Piemonte.) It will bring us to Biella, a beautiful town, for our first Rest Day./images/DSC05986.jpgTransparenttrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 6Biella – Pinerolo204kms / 4310mCroce Serra, Monte di Belmonte, Forcola, Lys, BraidaThe formidable Colle di Lys is the centrepiece but more 'religious climbs' such as the Monte di Belmonte maintain the intensity of the ride throughout the day./images/DSC06565.jpgRedtrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 7Pinerolo – Cuneo218kms / 5850mSampeyre, Dei MortiLeaving Lombardy behind us and hitting the first climbs of the 'Italian Alps' : two real classics will prepare us for the Giants to follow next./images/10626727_582967055145205_7851204308658794672_n.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 8Cuneo – Valberg193KMS / 5500MLombardia, Coulliole, St Leger, ValbergVia the "best" side of the Col de Lombardia, we exit Italy and explore some of the best scenery in the High Maritime Alps : the Gorges de Dalius, for example, taking us up towards our mountain-top finish in Valberg./images/IMG_3268.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 9Valberg – San Remo214KMS / 5300MSinna, Turini, Termini di BaiardoA superb descent section to open then over the Cols de Sinna and Turini and into Liguria (back into Italy) to check out some exciting new roads on our way down to the wonderful town of San Remo. Pure Mediterranean magic!/images/IMG_2500.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 10San Remo To Carros180kms / 45750mPasso Ghimbegna, Madonna di Giorbio, Chateauneuf.The first 100km explores the best of Liguria before we plunge down to Ventimiglia. Arriving then in Monaco, of course the Madonna climb has to be on our path. A real Classic Climb to end Event #1!/images/P1040927.JPGTransparenttrue
EVENT 2: Alps
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 11Carros – Carros206kms /4450mMont Vial, Blaine, Pierrefeu (gravel).The Classic loop stage that has opened the CCC S Alps forever. I just love this route. But with a cheeky gravel climb bonus this time!/images/IMG_0667.jpgBluetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 12Carros – Castellane186kms / 4400mEcre, DemandoixFeatures the mighty 20km climb to the Col d'Ecre, one of the most reputed in the Var region. From there crossing typical Provencal hills towards the stupendous Gorges de Verdon, with a tasty loop round the lac Verdon to end the stage./images/IMG_1289.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 13Castellane – Digne Les Bains209kms / 4500mPas d'Abauc ( Gorges du Verdon), Illoire, CorobinThe Mighty Gorges du Verdon are the stars of this dramatic stage, followed by a complete tour of the emerald Lac de sainte Croix. The final climb, Col du Corobin, has often featured in the Paris-Nice race. A tough wooded climb with a glorious descent into Digne -les-Bains./images/stage 3 c.jpgRedtrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 14Dignes Les Bains – Barcelonette189kms / 4750mAllos, Champs, CayolleOn our way north the "Trio Terrible" loop (Allos,Champs,Cayolle) cannot be missed. Surely one of the best combo's road riding in the mountains can offer./images/IMG_5631-1.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 15Barcelonette – Valloire179kms / 5300mVars, Izoard, Granon, GalibierFour Mighty Giants make the profile of this epic stage pretty simple. The first time the 'up & back' Granon climb will feature in a CCC./images/IMG_0842.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 16Valloire – St Jean De Maurienne182kms / 4800mTelegraphe, La Toussuire, Croix de Fer, Beau Plan, Sapey.A tough but majestic loop around St Jean de Maurienne is the centrepiece of this typical CCC take on these Classic climbs./images/img_5797.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 17St Jean De M – Moutiers161kms / 5100mMadeleine, Valmorel, Naves,La PlagneTotally new parcours here amongst the highest roads. The Col de la Madeleine via the "old road" opens the stage, then we take on the best climbs around Moutiers./images/img_5810.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 18Moutiers – Albertville198kms / 5680mCol de la Loze, Saisies, Arpettaz, Vorger.Another stage up there with the Giants. La Loze, a new climb for the Tour de France in 2020, will be the main attraction./images/img_0968.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 19Albertville – Belley180kms / 5000mMarocaz, Mont Revard, ChatSuperb views over Alpine peaks and lakes and the infamous Col du Chat. Mountain bliss!/images/8xll-1.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 2: Alps—Stage 20Belley – Grenoble191kms / 4400mGranier, Coq, PorteThe picturesque Chartreuse region makes this a perfect way to end this Alpine chapter of the 65RIDE./images/DSC06286.jpgBluetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 21Grenoble – Crest208 kms / 4450mCol de la Machine and many other Vercors treasuresPretty much the best of the Vercors climbs, plateaux and gorges here. Not much missing!/images/img_1090.JPGBluetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 22Crest – Malaucene190kms / 4300mPennes, Soubeyrand, Mont VentouxThe remote and rugged beauty of the Drome region leads us due south to the unmissable Mont Ventoux "en finale". Nice day out./images/img_2617.JPGRedtrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 23Malaucene – Ales195kms / 2200mCol de Champ Paga, Col de BourricoCrossing the Rhone means less climbing, more time to wander and explore like a 'cyclo-tourist', maybe?! Could be more café stops than usual?!/images/img_1393.jpgRedtrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 24Ales – Ales208kms / 3200mMany of the Ardechoise favouritesThis is the first of two stages which explore the best roads of the extremely popular, multi-day "Ardechoise" sportive. Although the collective total of climbing is not excessive, the road is rarely flat. It's tough terrain, full of such charm and character. This remote area of France is one of the most genuinely surprising areas to ride in you can find. It needed a loop stage such as this to have time to explore its dense network of narrow roads./images/img_1607.jpgRedtrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 25Ales – Aubenas204kms / 3900mPendedis,Tranchée de Malons, Tastavin.Part Two of the best bits of the Ardèche. Its beauty is equal to its remoteness. Simple as that./images/c18.JPGWhitetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 26Aubenas – Chaumont Le Bourg200 kms / 3900mMezilhac, Mont GerbierAnother feast of remoteness. This stage will take us from the northern reach of the Ardeche, around the town of Le Puy ( capital of the very special volcanic Puy region) and into the vast wooded region of the Livardois. We rode this in 2017, but here we ride a new version in the opposite direction./images/img_4888.JPGWhitetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 27Ch –Le-B – La Bourboule184kms / 3600mMont Dore ( Col de Croix St Robert)The second of the original CCC Cevennes stages ridden 'backwards'. The spectacular road up onto the Mont Dore will undoubtedly provide a superb finale to a stage which takes us to the northern tip of our journey, a mere 80 kms south of Clermont Ferrand./images/img_1410.jpgWhitetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 28Bouboule – Laguiole203kms / 4100mPuy Marie ( Pas de Petrol)My favourite part of the Massif Central. New stage-end in the best "knife town" in Europe!/images/img_8201.JPGBluetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 29Laguiole – Florac204kms / 3700mAubrac, Trebatut,MontmiratThe Aubrac National Park is a wild, desolate place populated mainly by its very distinct rusty-coloured cows. It's an impressive place to ride through. This stage ends in Florac, close to the Gorges du Tarn, which offer more drama of a different kind./images/img_1402.jpgBluetrue
Event 3: Alps / Ardeche—Stage 30Florac – Montpellier196kms / 3600mEspinas,Mont Aigoual, Minier.The final stage in this exceptional region includes the mountain which perhaps defines the character of this area better than any other : Mont Aigoual. We approach it via the "best side" and combined with the Col de Minier has the making for an unforgettable ride. After riding up to the 'roof' of the Cevennes our route takes us through some more stunning landscape and villages on our way down to sea level where we finish just outside Montpellier. The 65RIDE will then take a break of three weeks before re-starting with Event 4 from this same point. Destination the Pyrenees and then Cantabrico./images/img_8146.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 31Montpellier – Castres219kms / 3620mBaraque de Brai, Femme Morte, Croix des Deux SousPart Two opens with a wonderful route through the Montagne Noire region, crossing the Herald and Tarn departments. Seldom visited region with so much to discover. Much more than a "transition stage"!/images/c6-1.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 32Castres – Ax Les Thermes210kms / 4050mFontbruno, Vammigere, Chadnelier, PradelFrom the Tarn to Arriege, skirting round the medieval town of Caracassonne, this stage brings us finally into the Pyrenees via one of it's better doors : the Col de Pradel. 'Little' brother of the Port de Pailheres, this very rural, wooded climb offers an equally generous vista of what follows from it's summit./images/dsc_0693.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 33Ax Les T – Amelie Les Bains180kms / 4200mPort de Pailheres, Dent, Auzines, PalomereThe Crown Climb ( Pailheres) of the Arriege region opens this stage and offers riders superb vistas of the Canigou Massif from the top. Beyond can be seen the first Spanish mountains, waiting expectantly for us. This region is rich in impressive Cathar castle ruins several of which will be seen on this stage. The dense network of narrow roads makes this area a treat to explore. You may even see a bear....!/images/dsc03300.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 34Amelie Les Bains – Girona190kms / 3000mMirailles, Figuier Bosc della Margallia, Portell (Els Angels)The first of 18 stages that weave their way across the French / Spanish border from East to West. A wonderful coastal route but with the mountains never far enough away from us to forget what lies ahead!/images/img_3393.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 35Girona – Girona188kms / 3000mEl Far, Palomera, SesplanesThe Girona Hills are deservedly favoured by many pro's as the perfect training ground. Gradients are never too harsh, roads flow in a twisty dance with the landscape and the gentle climate makes this area very special for cyclists to explore. The gravel network is equally impressive, so we have to include a bit here and there!/images/dsc03170.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 36Girona – La Molina191kms / 4400mCollfred, Vidra, Creueta (la Molina)A new route from Girona to the lofty ski station of La Molina, often featured in the Vuelta as a stage finish. But of course via the unmissable Collfred! Perhaps the toughest climb of these ten stages..../images/dsc03211.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 37La Molina – Ordino189kms / 4550mGuardia, Gent, Galina, BaixalisThe first of two stages that cover the best of the climbs in Andorra. We will approach Andorra from the south, via Spain, exploring roads new to the CCC. This stage will be dramatic, beautiful and particularly challenging./images/084.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 38Ordino – Foix207 kms / 4550mPort d'Envalira, Chioula, Marmare, Montsegur, Mont d'olmecOver the highest road point of the Pyrenees is our way out of Andorra, offering a thrilling 40 km descent to Ax-les Thermes. From here we explore more of the wonderful Arriege region and take in a new climb featured in the Tour in 2018 : the Mont d'Olmes, just before we glide into the medieval capital town of this region, Foix./images/thumb_dsc05228_1024.jpgBluetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 39Foix – B De Luchon205kms / 5200mBiert, Uscla, Portech, Portet d'Aspet, Menté, Port de BalèsA classic Pyrenees Tour stage with a fair bit extra! Here we explore some of the best pages of cycling history. The roads ooze with their own special charisma. They wait for us with glee!/images/img_8068-1.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 4: East Pyrenees—Stage 40B De Luchon – Tarbes185kms / 5460mPeyresourde, Aspin, Seyrede, PalomieresMore classic Tour summits to close this chapter of the Journey. From the High Pyrenees to the gloriously green lower foothills, this stage shows how the charm of the Pyrenees is not only found on the High Roads./images/img_3360.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 41Tarbes – A-Gazost190kms / 4600mCroix Blanche, Spandelles, Hautacam ( Tramassel)A gentle-ish intro via the foothills around Lourdes leads us back into the heart of the Pyrenees, the stage ending with the superb duet of Spandelles and Hautacam. These two very contrasting climbs enclose the charming town of Argeles-Gazost, our destination for the night. Many 'new' CCC roads here since we have time to explore the lesser ridden part of this area./images/img_8011-1.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 42A Gazost – Oloron206kms / 6030mCourade, Tourmalet, Luz-Ardiden, Aubisque, Marie BlanquePart One of the "Triple Crown" of the Pyrenees. Three very tough stages to take in the Very Best of this wonderful range of mountains. The "Old Daddy" of them all had to appear : perhaps THE Tour de France climb./images/img_3861.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 43Oloron – Esterencuby188kms / 5600mPierre St Martin, Port Larrau, Bagargui, ArnosteguyNow we enter the Basque Country, with a short section in Spain. Rolling skylines hide some of the toughest and steepest road climbs of the Pyrenees. This is Wild. Beautiful. Peaceful. Timeless./images/img_3655-copie.JPGTransparenttrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 44Esterencuby – Esterencuby125kms / 5300mToo many unpronounceable Basque names !Perhaps a shorter stage than usual, , but this stage could prove to be the hardest of all 65 stages. Every climb is an exercise in 'HC Basque Steepness'. One comfort will be that this loop stage allows us a second night at a quite unique family hotel in the Middle of Nowhere!/images/thumb_dsc05362_1024.jpgTransparenttrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 45Esterencuby – San Sebastian215kms / 4560mLegarre, Ibardin, Lizarrieta, Erretxeko LepoaA welcome rolling stage with less ultra-steep. An exploration of the Basque hills around St Jean Pied de Port before we head into the Spanish part of this wonderful Basque area./images/thumb_dsc05004_1024.jpgTransparenttrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 46San Sebastian – San Sebastian187kms / 4000mEzkurra, Arritxulegi, ElurretxekoA new version of this Loop stage from the CCC W Pyrenees : many new climbs but the song remains the same. Steep, narrow, quiet, rural, dramatic, intimate, intense. The next four stages will complete our Basque Bashing./images/img_3615-copie.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 47San Sebastian; Elgoibar163kms / 4800mAnother "shark-profile" stage with an intense succession of remote, steep dramatic roads that make this region so tough, unique and wonderful!/images/img_1239.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 48Elgoibar; Leiketio144kms / 3960mDense forest, (pines, eucalyptus, oak) take us up to windswept open hilltops. As the stage progresses wonderful sea views lighten the mood!/images/ca14.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 49Leikitio – Ipinaburu168kms / 3800mUnpronounceable and too hard to spell!Another shark-tooth profile stage that never has a dull moment!/images/9-1.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 5: Pyrenees & Basque Country—Stage 50Ipinaburu – Bilbao191kms / 4600mA lot of "Mendeata's"The final stage of this thorough exploration of one of the most exciting areas I know to ride a bike. Tapas in Bilbao is a very fitting way to end this chapter!/images/ca41.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 51Bilbao – Puente Viesgo190kms / 4000mLunada, EspinaHeading into the wilds of Cantabria here, via the majestic expanses of the Portillo de Lunada. Then comes the terrifying concrete staircase of the Espina. Used recently in the Vuelta, the pro's also needed to make sure they had enough gears for this one! Here begins the final 15 stages of this Journey. One that will cross the best of this most remote and impressive area that is quite hard to beat for riding a 'bike sensations'.Redtrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 52Puente Viesgo – Cangas de Onis200km / 4100mCarmona, Ozalla, Hoz, CaballarA stage steeped in Vuelta history. Contador attacked famously over three of these climbs here in 2012 (st 17) and won the Vuelta right here. But the real pearl of the stage is the climb up to the ancient village of Sotres (Collada de Caballar) , another often-visited Vuelta summit finish. We're in the Big Hills now, for sure!/images/img_4320.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 53Cangas de Onis – Pola di Lena210kms / 4300mTarna, PontonHigh plateaux, wild horses, a bit of gravel. We begin to get wilder here, and we are rewarded with the first sightings of the heart of the Asturias. Some of the best bike experiences you can imagine will begin right here!/images/img_1072.jpgBluetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 54Pola di Lena – Cangas del Narcea179kms / 4800mGamoniteiro, San Lorenzo, El AcebuRight into some of the toughest Vuelta climbs on this stage. Bucket list time for those who collect. It's hard to beat a day on the bike like this one!/images/ca23.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 55Cangas del Narcea – Lugo184kms / 4000mPiedras Apanadas, Puerto del ConnioHeading due west into one of the most remote parts of Spain, here begins our exploration of Galicia. Get ready for a serious sense of isolation now!/images/img_9157-edited.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 56Lugo – Piedrafita do Cebreiro193kms / 5050mPorto de Ancares, Puerto Piedrafita do CebreiroOur exploration of 'Deep Galicia' continues along some of the most iconic roads of this region. Occasionally visited by the Vuelta, but always resulting in unforgettable racing. The contrast between the tranquility of this area and the buzz caused by the passage of a Grand Tour couldn't be greater!/images/img_9143-edited.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 57Piedrafita – Ponferrada207kms / 4060mReteixeira, BoiThe final stage in the Galicia region. Another feast of remoteness with superb vistas of this unspoilt landscape. The climbs may be totally unknown to most of us, but will remain very vivid memories to those who dare to ride here!/images/img_4496.jpgWhitetrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 58Ponferrada – Cangas del Narcea202 kms / 4300mLumeras, Ancares, ConnieBack into the Asturias region, via the south side of Ancares. Through many places Time seems to have forgotten./images/img_8602.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 59Cangas del Narcea – Pola di Lena191kms / 5600mLinares, Cordal, AngliruThe heart of the Asturias and the first meeting with the Mighty Angliru. This stage is pure drama and beauty from start to finish!/images/img_4234.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 6: Basque Country—Stage 60Pola di Lena – Pola di Lena203km / 6030mGamoniteiro, AngliruThis has to be one of the stand-out stages of them all : a combination of the two most feared climbs of the Asturias. The Loop of all loops! I have wanted to share this loop stage with CCC riders for years and finally here it is! There will be much-needed rest day after this one. The 60th stage just had to be special in some way. I think this one will be step up to all expectations./images/img_4221.JPGRedtrue
EVENT 7: Asturias
EVENT 7: Asturias—Stage 61Mieres – Cangas de Onis170kms / 3500Colladonna, Arniciu, MoandeThe first stage of the 'final five' continues our epic exploration of the Asturias region, taking in some lesser known climbs seeped in the rural charm of this tranquil area./images/3-1b.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 7: Asturias—Stage 62Cangas de Onis – Pola Di Lena176kms / 4200mLagos de CovadongaThis stage opens with one of the most beautiful ( and challenging) climbs of the Asturias : the Covadonga. After this giant the stage tackles many other shorter climbs as we ride deeper into the heart of this superb area on our way to the historic small town of Potes, considered the tiny 'capital' of the region./images/ca3.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 7: Asturias—Stage 63Potes – Reinosa210kms / 4540mPalombera, Alto CampooFarewell to the Asturias, of which we have a superb final view from the Puerto de Palombera. Then into Castille y Leon before our return to Cantabria. The Campoo climb takes us nearly up to 2000m : epic, rugged landscape makes it a very special place./images/img_4320.JPGBluetrue
EVENT 7: Asturias—Stage 64Reinosa – Puente Viesgo185kms / 4300mJumedre, Mattonella, Trueba, LunadaThe first of two sensational stages to finish this odyssey with. Both explore the best of Cantabria. The highlight of this stage has to be the first of our two ascents of the Portillo de Lunada. Both sides provide a moment of isolation, contemplation and sheer admiration in equal amounts!/images/ca1.JPGWhitetrue
EVENT 7: Asturias—Stage 65Puente Viesgo – Santander163kms / 4200mLunada, Sia, EspinaAs luck would have it, two of my favourite climbs in Northern Spain are to be found in this final stage. Such a contrast : the Lunada climb deserves this second ascent, with all it's majestic grandeur and gently snaking roads that hug the hillside; whereas the Collada di Espina, is a savage, raw and excessive battle with gravity. The whole spectrum of 'riding sensations' in one stage! Not a bad way to wrap up 65 stages of bicycle, mountain roads and willing legs!/images/4-1a.JPGWhitetrue
Classic Pyrenees
Classic Pyrenees—Stage XTarbes – A-Gazost190kms / 4600mCroix Blanche, Spandelles, Hautacam ( Tramassel)A gentle-ish intro via the foothills around Lourdes leads us back into the heart of the Pyrenees, the stage ending with the superb duet of Spandelles and Hautacam. These two very contrasting climbs enclose the charming town of Argeles-Gazost, our destination for the night. Many 'new' CCC roads here since we have time to explore the lesser ridden part of this area./images/img_8011-1.JPGRed
Classic Alps
Classic Alps—Stage XTarbes – A-Gazost190kms / 4600mCroix Blanche, Spandelles, Hautacam ( Tramassel)A gentle-ish intro via the foothills around Lourdes leads us back into the heart of the Pyrenees, the stage ending with the superb duet of Spandelles and Hautacam. These two very contrasting climbs enclose the charming town of Argeles-Gazost, our destination for the night. Many 'new' CCC roads here since we have time to explore the lesser ridden part of this area./images/img_8011-1.JPGRed
Test event
Test event—Stage 3TTT34Biglllllll/images/smaller.jpgDuskBlue
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