All the stages, listed.

EVENT 1: Piemonte
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 1Verona–Verona180kms / 4300mPasso FittanzeThe Veronese "hills" (north of Verona) in the Veneto region make a perfect place to start this journey. Less well known, full of surprises and some very tough climbs. The beautifully harsh Passo Fittanze, climbed from Avio, will be the undisputed centrepiece of this opening stage./images/DSC05953.jpgMountains
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 2Verona–Iseo199kms / 3900mPasso del Piccon, Passo di San Rocco, Passo del Termine, Passo del Santellone, Passo dei Tre Termini,The journey starts it's crossing of the region of lakes and mountains so well known for defining the true beauty of Lombardy and Piemont. As well as some fabulous new climbs, this stage also includes a ferry crossing on Lake Garda./images/149.jpg
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 3Iseo–Brogno (Bellagio)201kms / 4750mSan Fermo, Gallo, San Pietro, Ganda, Agueglio, BellagioInto the heart of Lombardy via some of the real classics of this region, ending the stage on the Bellagio climb after another ferry crossing (Lake Como)./images/DSC06027.jpg
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 4Ghisallo - Varese204kms / 4700mMuro di Sormano, Plan del Tivano, Oratorio San Antonio,Alpe dei FioriThe Best of the Lombardia finale (to start this one!) before heading over (hills) to Lake Lugano for a couple of Swiss climbs before heading down (up) to Varese. Quite a menu!/images/DSC05958-1.jpg
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 5Varese – BiellaWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 6Biella – PineroloWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 7Pinerolo – CuneoWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 8Cuneo – ValbergWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 9Valberg – San RemoWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—Stage 10San Remo To CarrosWhite
EVENT 1: Piemonte—REST DAYRest Day BiellaWhite
Southern Alps 1
Southern Alps 1—Stage 11Carros – CarrosWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 12Carros – CastellaneWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 13Castellane – Digne Les BainsWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 14Dignes Les Bains – BarcelonetteWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 15Barcelonette – ValloireWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 16Valloire – St Jean De MaurienneWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 17St Jean De M – MoutiersWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 18Moutiers – AlbertvilleWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 19Albertville – BelleyWhite
Southern Alps 1—Stage 20Belley – GrenobleWhite
Southern Alps 1—REST DAYValloireWhite
Southern Alps 2
Southern Alps 2—Stage 21Grenoble – RencurelRed
Southern Alps 2—Stage 22Rencurel – MalauceneWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 23Malaucene – MalauceneWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 24Malaucene – AlesWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 25Ales – PrivasWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 26Privas – Chaumont Le BourgWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 27Ch –Le-B – La BourbouleWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 28Bouboule – LaguioleWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 29Laguiole – FloracWhite
Southern Alps 2—Stage 30Florac – MontpellierWhite
Southern Alps 2—REST DAYPrivasWhite
East Pyrenees
East Pyrenees—Stage 31Montpellier – CastresWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 32Castres – Ax Les TBlue
East Pyrenees—Stage 33Ax Les T – Am Les BWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 34Am Les B – GironaWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 35Girona – GironaWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 36Girona – La MolinaWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 37La Molina – OrdinoWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 38Ordino – Ax Les TWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 39Ax Les T – B De LuchonWhite
East Pyrenees—Stage 40B De Luchon – TarbesWhite
East Pyrenees—REST DAYGironaWhite
Central Pyrenees
Central Pyrenees—Stage 41Tarbes – A-GazostWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 42A Gazost – St GaudensWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 43S Gaudens – FoixWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 44Foix – OustWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 45Oust – B De LuchonWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 46B De Luchon – St LaryWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 47St Lary – A GazostWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 48A Gazost – OloronWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 49Oloron – EsterencubyWhite
Central Pyrenees—Stage 50Esterencuby – PamplonaWhite
Central Pyrenees—REST DAYPamplonaWhite
Basque Country
Basque Country—Stage 51Pamplona – Tolosa
Basque Country—Stage 52Tolosa – S Sebastian
Basque Country—Stage 53S Sebastian Loop
Basque Country—Stage 54S Sebastian – Elgoibar
Basque Country—Stage 55Elgoibar – Lekeitio
Basque Country—Stage 56Lekeitio – Bilbao
Basque Country—Stage 57Bilbao – Bilbao
Basque Country—Stage 58Bilbao – Laredo
Basque Country—Stage 59Laredo – Vega De Pas
Basque Country—Stage 60Vega De Pas – Santander
Basque Country—REST DAY
Asturias—Stage 61Santander – PotesBlue
Asturias—Stage 62Potes – Pola Di LenaWhite
Asturias—Stage 63Pola Di Lena LoopWhite
Asturias—Stage 64Pola – CangasWhite
Asturias—Stage 65Cangas – SantanderWhite
Test event
Test event—Stage 3TTT34Biglllllll/images/smaller.jpgDuskBlue
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Test event—Stage 2Location234234 234234 24432423 32r f wef sdfsfsf sfsdf pdf/images/DSC06002-1.jpgWoodsMAPTransparent
Test event—Stage 4Location4 dfdf s432423 32r f wef sdfsfsf sfsdf pdf/images/DSC06002-1.jpgWoodsMAPdddRed