Traverse 66

From Spilimbergo, in the north-eastern corner of Italy to Santiago de Compostella, in the north-western point of Spain : 60 stages, 6 events.

The purpose: to create a permanent route based on 16 years of designing CCC stages that will serve as an inspiring “Journey along the High Roads”, ridden in 2023, Phil’s 66th year.

Six sets of ten ‘A-B’ stages will aim to establish a definitive inventory of 600 climbs.

The Route: 6O stages, 6 Events.

Event 1 (June) : Spilimbergo (Udine) to San Pellegrino Terme.

Regions traversed : Carino Alps, Dolomites, Veronese, Trentino Alto.

Event 2 (June) San Pellegrino Terme to San Remo.

Regions traversed : Lombardy, Piemonte, Liguria.

Event 3.(July) San Remo to Vienne (just south of Lyon)

Regions traveled : S Alps, N Alps.

Event 4. (July) Vienne to Rivesaltes

Regions traversed : Haute Loire, Drome, Ardèche, Cevennes, Gorges du Tarn, Haut Languedoc.

Event 5.(September) Rivesaltes to San Sebastian

Regions traversed : East Pyrenees, West Pyrenees, French Basque Country.

Event 6. (September) San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostella

Regions traversed : Spanish Basque Country, Cantabrico, Asturias, Galicia.

The Plan for 2023:

In 2023 events 1 and 6 will be organised as CCC events. Events 2,3 and 4 will be ridden by Phil, who will be 66 years young, with minimal private support, and could be open to a small number of riders, maximum six ‘guests’. To be discussed.

The Future of the “Traverse 66”:

One or two of these events will be part of the annual CCC calendar, with the aim of offering riders the option of ‘collecting’ all six rides over several years.

For my last Big Ride in the mountains I plan to include as many of the roads as possible that I just couldn't fit in on previous CCC route designs. I want to surprise myself as well as my clients!
Phil Deeker